Our Services


If you don’t have a website already we can build you a new website or recreate your old one. We have invested a considerable amount of money in the latest web design software so that we can build high quality websites fast, and at low cost to you.  See our Website Portfolio for examples of some of our creations and services. Whether you want a cool website a school website a church website a music website a photo website a funky website a real estate website a baby website or a business website or any other kind of website, our web designers can do it for you.  Blogs are also part of our website portfolio, and we can help you create the perfect blog.

We also create mobile sites (for Tabs, Smart phones etc) from scratch, or from your existing website. We use state of the art software to make your mobile site as user friendly as possible.

Do you want to sell your product online?  Let us build you an e-commerce site with online store.  Our stores are built with your personal needs in mind.


Using various techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Adwords campaigns and online marketing search, we will increase the visitors to your site in order to maximise the benefit from your investment in it. Leave your search engine placement and website ranking to us and we will make it happen for you on the web by creating a SEO site that will outshine your competition.

As part of our SEO services we do the following for free….

Add website to google, track your website hits, enable website analytics so that you can see your results.

Rough quote (online marketing/SEO prices)

We charge from only R1199/month to manage your campaign the rest of the cost consists of the cost of the Adwords campaign, which will vary depending on the popularity of the keywords you wish to bid on. Please contact us for a quote.



We host all our websites locally on South African servers making sure that your website have the fastest response times possible. If you already have a hosting provider we can also host the website we build for you on their infrastructure, for instance, if you already have a domain name registered with MWEB we will arrange with them to host your new website with them. Hosting packages are very affordable, so don’t get ripped off by unscrupulous companies. Typically website hosting should not cost you more the R80 per month and that includes email as well.

Our shared hosting infrastructure is housed at Internet Solutions the biggest Internet Host company in the country. All our servers are fully managed 24/7 365 in a responsive environment and connected directly to the biggest online community in South Africa.


As part of our web design service, we can also create and integrate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Ping profile as well.  This ensures that your business gets maximum exposure across the internet.


Internet software development is one of the key areas of our business. If you can’t buy it we can build your internet ready software to your exact specification. See our Custom Application Portfolio for examples.

Rough Quote (Custom software development prices)

The cost of custom development is entirely dependent on the specification from the client as well as any other factors which may come into play. Please contact us for a quote.


Do you want to have the “next big thing” on mobile phones?  Ask us about designing your own app.


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